Training Basics

We use a multi-paced training scheme to develop all energy systems and improve muscle strength. Each workout will target a different component of the energy systems and muscles used for running.

The High School team will use the VDOT O2 App to help facilitate communication on individualized training plans.

Types of Training by Jack Daniels 

Principles of Training by Jack Daniels

Stretching, Strength & Mobility

We use a dynamic stretching routine of the Lunge Matrix and Leg Swings at the beginning of every practice and before every race.  During summer conditioning, our core strengthening program is led by Coach Makayla Florence. During the season, we use the Core X core training routine and SAM training developed by Coach Jay Johnson at the end of each practice.

Easy Runs

Easy or Conversation Pace runs build your aerobic energy system base, and are the foundation of any distance training program. Includes long runs.

Effort: Easy

Heart rate max %: 60-79%

Easy Running Benefits by Jack Daniels

Threshold Training

Threshold or Tempo pace runs build endurance and increase your lactic threshold. 

Effort: Comfortably hard

Heart rate max%: 88-92%

Threshold Training Benefits by Jack Daniels

Interval Training

The purpose of Interval training is to increase a runner's VO2max.  They are specific pace periods of running followed by periods of active recovery.  Includes Fartlek training.

Effort: Hard

Heart rate max% 98-100%

Interval Training Benefits by Jack Daniels

Repetition Training

Repetitions improve speed, running economy and the anaerobic energy system. They are fast periods of running followed by longer periods of recovery than intervals.  Includes hill training and neuromuscular drills.

Effort: Hard but longer recovery

Heart rate max %: up to max

Repetition Training Benefits by Jack Daniels


Recovery is required for success!

Proper recovery (rest) after training (stress on the body) is required for an athlete to achieve a positive adaptation (growth).  Recovery includes good nutrition, adequate hydration and getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep daily.